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31st Oct 2015


Step into our new Zombie Booth. Our on site Photo Booth is the perfect way to capure your hero shot. With pro cinimatic film colour treatment and blood splat fx. Your picture will be put onto a special 2gb usb memory card. Why not use our shot guns, bats, and hand guns to blow our Zombies away! Bring on your best war faces!!!



Only £7.50 Per Photo (2GB Usb Card Included)

(Group pictures upto 4 people)


£5.00 For Additional photo to the card.

(Group or single pictures)

Once a month on the last friday of every month we have scheduled Zombie Night Paintball events where you can join others in a Zombie Paintball Event you will never forget (to book yourself onto one of theses events click the book online link below and select the date you want from the Zombie Booking list).

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